Holistic Yoga & Wellness programs

Yoga & Wellness programs

If you can’t get to class, or you would like to invest in your well-being then contact me to discuss a personalised 1:1 program. Individual sessions are designed to help reduce stress-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and/or focus on specific concerns such as back pain, improve fertility, IBS, diabetes, or simply to deepen your awareness of Yoga and develop a home practice.


Tailored sessions are fully holistic, merging Sarah’s background in Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing and Life Coaching. These 90 minute sessions take into account the need to share and discuss challenges, and provide the space to air current concerns in a structured way, exploring positive solutions and practices to provide support. ‘Take-away’ elements are also included, for example, keywords and/or a short video relaying recommended sequences/practices will be sent to you after the session.

Recommended session time for Holistic Yoga & Wellness session : 90 minutes.
(One-hour sessions are available for pure Yoga consultations)

Tailored programs can help to:

  • Bring clarification and personal insights;
  • Refine asana technique for improved practice and postural alignment;
  • Reveal poses, modifications and techniques specifically beneficial to YOU.