I found Yoga when I was aged 15 via a Yoga Book that my best friend’s mother gave to me. Intrigued by the strange shapes and techniques I began practicing Hatha Yoga asanas on the floor on my bedroom, and in my early twenties I fully indulged and explored my growing spirituality at university and while travelling in South-East Asia/Australia.

At 25 I moved to London to pursue my life-time goal of becoming a Journalist and I put my spiritual journey on the back seat. For some years I was living my dream, working as a Freelance Journalist jetting around the world and being to paid to travel and write about it. I had the career that I’d always craved, great friends, a fun social life.

And yet, something was missing.

By this time I had moved to Brighton to be close to the ocean. Brighton is known as the UK’s Capital of Yoga and I resumed my Yoga practice with fervor, rolling out my mat at home, outdoors, on the beach, and whenever/wherever I could. My practice brought me home, anchored me, helped keep me humble and authentic and it led me back to a strength and power within me that wasn’t egoistic, but genuine, serene, blissful. It was and is – my connection to Source, to Spirit.

In January 2007 I took a leap of faith and signed up for a 200h YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training course) at the Sivananda Centre, in Neyyar Dam in Kerala, India. The training changed my life, it opened my eyes and deepened my spiritual practice.

Back in Brighton I launched Karmiyoga, inspired by the name/brand, after being given a “spiritual name”; “Sivakami” by one of the Swamis at the Ashram. Karmiyoga is a word play on ‘calm-me’ yoga, and as it’s my intention to help others experience the inner peace, strength and bliss that yoga and meditation brings to me, it seemed to fit well.

From teaching traditional Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda style between 2007-10 I undertook a further Yoga Teacher Training in the Dru Yoga style, graduating in 2012. I also completed a Life Coaching certification, which complements my passion for Yoga, Wellness and living life passionately.

I continue to write features for various publications, including Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga, Healthista.com, Spirit and Destiny, among others, and mainly on the topics of Yoga, Wellness, Health and Lifestyle. You can read more about my writing career at: Sarah Dawson Journalist.

I AM …

“Spirit” living in a physical body, and in this world, I AM:

  • Passionate about Yoga and Wellness;
  • Fully insured to teach Yoga in the UK and on retreat;
  • A 500+ hours Registered Yoga School Teacher (in Sivananda and Dru Yoga);
  • A member of the Dru Professional Network (I practice CPD, continuing professional development)
  • A certified/experienced YogaKids teacher;
  • DBS enhanced-certified/trained to teach Yoga with young people and children
  • A certified Life Coach
  • An Airbnb Experience Host with my Outdoor Yoga sessions which I run in the Spring/Summer months in Brighton and Hove.
  • A Move GB Partner