Karmiyoga weekly timetable

Cornerstone: Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2FL and
Revitalise: 123A Western Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1DB

Visit my Ocean Yoga page for pop-up sessions on Hove’s seafront and yoga & walking in Sussex.

Bookings for 1:1 Yoga sessions available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For weekend workshops and events visit my Weekend Workshops page.

“Sarah provides a wonderful holistic and accessible approach to yoga!” Celia, Hove.

NEW in 2018 – 6 week courses: Yoga, and a contemporary take on the Chakras and the Sutras, an uplifting Yoga & Relaxation course

Running on:
Tuesdays: @ Cornerstone Centre, Hove – 7pm till 8.15pm)
; and
Thursdays: @ Revitalise, Western Road – 7.30pm till 8.45pm).

Book onto the full six week course, prepay for three sessions or drop in on selected dates. See ways to book at end.

We focus on an individual Chakra Centre during each six week course, practicing Yoga asanas and sequences to support each energy centre, considering how Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (the Yamas; the relationship with others/society and the Niyamas; the relationship with ourselves) can be applied in our lives today. We also “workshop” specific postures during the courses, experiencing their effect on the body and our subtle energies for increased harmony.

At the start of the year we worked on strengthening and rebalancing the Root Chakra (Mooladhara) to ground our roots into the earth for security, courage, connection and radiance. Now we’re moving up to the second Chakra – Swadhisthana – on the next six-week journey into the heart of Yoga. The Sacral (Swadhisthana) Chakra connects us to our emotional, creative and sensual energies bringing forth feelings of joy, harmony and artistic expression. If you feel this Chakra is out of balance, come join me for a re-tune!

Enter a calm, cleansed space (via the use of Sage) and allow tensions to melt away, as the breath becomes the bridge between the body/mind and the Spirit, and we focus on keeping body and mind strong and the Seven major Chakra centres in balance for great wellbeing.

Allow the mind to quieten, the emotions to calm, stretch the muscles and flow through Dru Yoga sequences, pranayama (breathing techniques), mudras, mantras and meditations to reveal vitality, radiance and subtle energy awareness.

ALL levels are welcome at these sessions, from beginner, to regularly practicing yogis as the pace is gentle, with an attitude of “less is more” and it’s an opportunity to journey into the roots and heart of Yoga.

Starting on: Tuesday 20 February and Thursday 22 February 2018 and running on:

Tuesday 27 February @ Cornerstone Centre; 7pm till 8.15pm;
Tuesday 1 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7.30pm till 8.45pm;
Tuesday 6 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7pm till 8.15pm;
Thursday 8 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7.30pm till 8.45pm;
Tuesday 13 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7pm till 8.15pm;
Thursday 15 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7.30pm till 8.45pm;
Tuesday 20 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7pm till 8.15pm;
Thursday 22 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7.30pm till 8.45pm;
Tuesday 27 March @ Revitalise, Hove; 7pm till 8.15pm..

Investment: £50 for all SIX sessions, £25 for THREE sessions (please text to pre-book the dates), or “drop in” @ £10 on selected dates (texting beforehand is recommended). Course bookings are valid at either Tuesday/Thursday evenings within the course time-frame, the confirmed dates, see full T&C’s below). For ways to book/pay click here.

“I really enjoy the flow of Sarah’s evening class – relaxing and letting go at the beginning, followed by some dynamic movements and stretches and a deep relaxation to complete it all – just what I needed!” Kate S, artist, Hove.

Sarah is an official Move GB Partner, so get MOVING and into the FLOW! 

Notes for yoga students

  • T&C’s: Course bookings for Tuesday or Thursday evening are valid at either session within the course dates listed and are non-refundable & non-transferable, except when/if I have to cancel a course/class, at which time I will give you as much notice as possible, and offer a refund or class in lieu. Course bookings are confirmed upon receipt of payment. Drop in classes are payable in cash or via bacs transfer, on the same day.
  • For health & safety purposes I will ask you to complete a short health questionnaire before class (this will soon be available to complete online).
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing (layering is best).
  • Allow one to two hours after eating before practicing yoga.
  • Mats, blocks and blankets are provided at the studios, but please bring your own to outdoor yoga sessions (please text me beforehand if you need to borrow a mat).