Wellbeing @ Work

Yoga & wellbeing at work

The Health and Safety Executive say that millions of working days are lost every year due to back pain and stress-related illness. If you’re looking for a creative and long term solution to reduce workplace stress, back pain and absenteeism have you considered a yoga and well-being program?

As we head towards the autumn and winter months it’s especially vital to invest in our well-being to boost immunity and guard against winter germs and sickness.

Sarah will come into your offices/work premises to run a six-week Yoga Well-being Program demonstrating tailored Yoga poses and techniques to help:

  • improve focus, concentration and sleep (essential for a productive day’s work!);
  • enhance communication (for good interpersonal and presentation skills);
  • build confidence and courage (to help deal with any conflict and stressful issues);
  • mobilise the spine and improve posture (to avoid slumping over a PC, which compresses the lungs and reduces lung quality and therefore productivity and motivation);
  • relieve and improve mental health issues like anxiety and depression;
  • master the technique of Savasana (proper breathing/rest and relaxation, which enables the nervous system to reboot and recharge and builds resilience and inner strength, which are essential in today’s busy world).
  • Try this on for size…

    After studies at Bangor University an eight week Dru Yoga programme involving gentle movements, stretching, breathing and relaxation was piloted within the NHS in north Wales, and First Group (Virgin) trains.Employees on the yoga programme reported feeling significantly less anxious, confused, depressed and tired, compared to those not on the programme.

    stretch in the city(1)The great thing about Dru Yoga is that it’s so accessible and enjoyable for all ages, abilities and levels of experience. Not to mention, extremely safe, with input from osteopaths, and physiotherapists.

    Recommended session: 50-60 mins: lunchtime, pre/post working day sessions available.

    Sarah is also available for one-off sessions for “Team Building” days and for “Well-being Awareness” at work events so if you’d like your team members/organisation and employees to learn simple, enjoyable Yoga and Wellbeing techniques to manage stress in the workplace contact Sarah here to discuss dates and details.