Karmiyoga weekend workshops

Saturday Mini-Workshop: Yoga & Creativity; using life coaching mastery techniques with transformational Dru Yoga to create and realise dreams!

When: Saturday 17 March, 2.30pm-5pm
Venue: Revitalise, 123A Western Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1DB.

Investment: The normal price for this session is £60, and I’m offering a special Spring Equinox promo rate, to tie in with fresh energies around 20/21 March, at just £30.
Click here for ways to book/pay online.
Maximum 8 places, your place is confirmed upon payment.
T&C’s: All bookings are non-refundable/non transferable, except if/when I have to cancel a class/session myself, at which time I will offer a refund, or a session in lieu.

About: This month I’ve inspired to launch my NEW Yoga and Coaching Saturday afternoon mini workshops, with the first scheduled to tie in closely with the shifting energies at Spring Equinox. I’m holding the space in a Yoga studio to merge the transformational benefits of Dru Yoga with Life Coaching, so the session begins with a guided relaxation, and a sequence of gentle Yoga moves to help us let go of stress, and bring us fully into the moment, let’s face it, it’s hard to be creative, positive and inspired with a head full of cares or worries.

Once we’re in the zone we get the pen and paper out, for some life coaching mastery. Looking at different aspects of life I’ll invite you to consider the blocks that might be preventing fulfillment and encourage ideas that could lift these blocks so you can create some steps forward (NB, there’s no pressure to ‘share’ anything within the group, unless you wish to, think of the group as your allies, a support system, we’re all there with the intention to feel more great! And I’m there to help facilitate your journeys, I’ll circulate the group, as needed).

We’ll then draw on some visualization, positive affirmations and Dru Yoga sequences to help integrate the “newness” into our lives NOW. So rather than ‘someday’, they begin to become part of our reality right here, and right now. And trust me – this stuff is powerful – I’ve been using these techniques for many years and still feel astounded by the immediacy of the results once my head space, belief, and positive intention is there.

Who is this workshop for: Beginner and experienced yogis alike, you do not need to have practiced lots of yoga to attend this workshop as the movements are very gentle and accessible for all. If you’re a little bit curious about life coaching and how it works, it’s a good opportunity to try it in a movement-inspired way, and if you’d love to live a life that you love then it’s an opportunity to get things moving in the direction you’d like to go!

Saturday afternoon Soul Soothing Yoga & Relaxation

Saturday 24 March: 3-5pm. X 1 SPACE AVAILABLE!!
Investment: £15 in advance / £20 on the day (please check availability as the spaces get booked quite quickly). Click here for ways to book/pay online.
Venue: Revitalise, 123A Western Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1DB.
Booking essential – maximum 8 places – your place is confirmed upon payment. T&C’s: All bookings made are non-refundable/non transferable, except if/when I have to cancel a class/session myself, at which time I will offer a refund, or a session in lieu.

Unroll onto the mat to unfurl tension in the physical body via some super beneficial Dru Yoga floor and mat movement sequences (that can easily be practiced at home), and which are proven to be effective in stress management, along with the use of visualisation and positive affirmation, to transform thought patterns that may be creating/perpetuating stress.

Enjoy traditional Hatha Yoga poses which help create inner peace, stability, strength, poise, and dynamism. Focus on mindful breathing which helps anchor the present moment and curbs anxious thoughts, while increasing lung potential and ‘Prana’, life force energy that uplifts and rejuvenates. And… after stretching, unfurling, accepting, and undoing, experience a simple concentration technique to focus and create stillness in the mind, and allow the nervous system and the emotions to integrate the positive changes in a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) lasting 30 minutes. Suitable for all levels.

This event is continuing in 2018, April dates to be confirmed :

Reserve your space in advance, click here for how to book/pay online via BACS or PayPal.

Saturday Mini-Workshop: Everyday Yoga; creating a home practice

Next Workshop date TBA (on a Saturday, 3-5.15pm)
Investment: £25 on the day, or £20 in advance. Book online now via BACS or PayPal.
Venue: Upstairs @ Six, 102-105 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1FA (enter via the restaurant and head up the stairs, where you will find the studio.

MAX 10 places. Your place is confirmed upon payment.

everyday yoga coverI’ve developed a mini workshop; Everyday Yoga; Creating a Home Practice, in which I draw upon my book; Everyday Yoga, The Essential Guide, published by Need2Know books, offering guidance on how yoga can evolve from a weekly drop in session to a lifestyle, and how to structure/what to include in a self-practice session, whether you’ve five or 15 minutes available each day.

The session will be experiential, with a yoga practice including asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation, and we’ll have discussion time over Yogi tea to share info, tips and techniques. Who is this workshop for: Passionate yogis who would like some help in structuring a self practice plan. Beginner yogis are welcome to explore the yoga experience and how to incorporate into their life.


“Thank you Sarah. I loved it all, especially chanting ‘Om’ at the end” Debs.

“I’ve just enjoyed a blissful two hour meditative relaxing – yet dynamic – yoga at Sarah’s Shamballa, fantastic!” Tanja.

“I was full of tension before I arrived at Sarah’s Shamballa but by the end I could have literally taken on anything! I felt so relaxed and balanced and really loved the yoga nidra (45 mins of deep relaxation – absolute bliss!)” Carmel, Hove.

“I enjoyed a beautiful warming relaxing afternoon at Sarah’s Yoga Shamballa 🙂 2016 – Bring it On!” Helen.

“Absolutely LOVED Sarah’s January Shamballa, I arrived feeling frazzled then totally floated away! I’ll definitely be Shamball-ering lots more this year, thank you!” Charlotte.