Life Alignment & Creativity Coaching is anchored in my own life experiences, merging my training and background in Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness practices with Creativity (Journalism/writing) alongside tried and tested practical applied Coaching techniques such as NLP, time-management and goal setting strategies.

Life Alignment Coaching is about creating and living a life that feels meaningful and purposeful, with plenty of pure intention which naturally attracts abundance, and is the antidote to ‘burn-out’.

Here at Life Alignment Coaching I can help you with:

  • Goal setting – using simple and effective formulas I’ll help you set realistic and measurable goals, breaking steps down into bite-sized chunks to make them so much more attainable, and provide the encouragement and unconditional positive support to help you move forward;
  • Navigating the obstacles, the challenges and curve balls that are a vital part of life, for learning and feedback. We’ll work together to transform limiting beliefs into helpful ones which boost your self-belief and confidence and support your every move, rather than hinder you;
  • Living your truth – by exploring your values and what’s most important to you, the coaching process will help facilitate a life that feels authentic, meaningful and purposeful – the true essence of Life Alignment Coaching.
  • I’ve got your back!

    I’ve been told that I’m very easy to talk to and that I have an empathetic, intuitive and sensitive approach. To help support my Yoga Mentoring clients I added a Life Coaching certification to my skill-set, training for two years with the Coach Training Centre alongside intensive mentoring from my personal Life Coach, Lynda Field.

    In a session with me I’ll greet you with unconditional, unbiased and upbeat support, using coaching techniques to help you ‘re-frame’ setbacks and curve-balls and help you identify what it is that YOU truly need and want then to action the strategies and steps to achieve it.

    How, when and where

    I have some face-to-face coaching sessions available each week for Brighton/Hove clients, though most sessions are online via Skype/Zoom, or phone – ideal if you’re a frequent traveller and/or located outside of Brighton and Hove. Instant Messaging is also sometimes used when a quick coaching boost is needed.

    If you’re a Brighton & Hove based Yogi, ask me about my Holistic Yoga & Wellness programs, which blend Yoga with Coaching and provide the opportunity to explore positive solutions to any life challenges while developing a supported Wellness, Yoga and Mindfulness practice.

    And for Brighton & Hove Yogis I also offer Yoga & Coaching/Support packages, online private coaching support alongside attending my Soul Soothing Yoga sessions.

    Try it out!

    If you’re drawn to explore your values and what’s most important to you, or whatever else is on your mind, click here to book a complimentary telephone coaching ‘chemistry call’. After your initial consultation (approximately 20-30 minutes), assuming we’re a good match to work together, I’ll walk you through my coaching packages and any promotional offers.