My Coaching story

Here’s a little story about “mess” and “success”…

“In 2005 I was sitting in a Brighton café with a friend chatting about life, the universe, etc etc, and I had an unexpected vision of myself working as a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach… whoa… reverse, rewind – where did that come from? I was loving life as a freedom-loving Freelance Journalist, being paid to travel, interview, review and write features.

Then, just a few months after this revelation, my dear wonderful mother, one of my best friends and allies, passed away unexpectedly and all of a sudden my lifestyle felt frivolous and somewhat meaningless. Yes I enjoyed myself but I felt this urgent, pressing need now to explore who I really was and a greater life purpose. Put simply, it was time for a date with my Spirit/Higher Self.

I set off to India and completed a Yoga Teacher Training intensive. Fast forward to present day and I’ve been teaching and running my Yoga and Wellness business, Karmiyoga, since 2007, while continuing to write about health, wellbeing, yoga and travel.

But in 2014 another major life event threw me off course. A joyful pregnancy followed by miscarriage completely took the wind out of my sails. The grief of my mother tied into the grief I felt for the child I’d never meet, and for the romantic relationship which under such stress, inevitably broke down.

I felt like I was completely ‘undone’. The whole experience could have broken me (in my darkest hours, it felt like it had) and I could have gone on a journey of self-destruction, pushing all the emotions down to avoid dealing with the pain that seemed to be never-ending. I decided to bravely look my pain, despair and depression in the eye, roll out my Yoga mat and breathe, and learn, and breathe, and grow from the experience.

It was during this time that the second part of my earlier “Vision” became realised. Through regular sessions with my Life Coach I found that however challenging and awful it seems at the time, there’s always a silver lining. As I went deeper on my inner journey to know and understand myself I was encouraged to undertake Life Coaching training with the Coach Training Centre (a certified course approved by the Coaching Association) and I continued intensive mentoring with my own Life Coach.

I’m sharing my story because a good Coach once said to me; ‘It’s our mess that is our success’ and I can’t help agreeing with her”.

Upwardly Conscious Coaching is anchored in my own life experiences, and merges my background in Yoga & Mindfulness, Metta, Self-care and Compassion, with the tried and tested practical applied Coaching techniques (NLP, time-management and goal setting strategies). I’m currently supporting people as they navigate around obstacles/challenges, overwhelm, helping them find creative solutions to have more time in the day to do more of the things they love to do, making their goals happen.

If you’re drawn to explore your values and what’s most important to you, or whatever else is on your mind contact me to book a telephone ‘chemistry call’.