I booked a yoga session with Sarah as part of a hen weekend I was organising in Brighton. The session was fantastic - great for all abilities and the perfect mix between active and relaxation. Sarah even brought chocolates to hand out after class as well as a lovely goodie bag for the bride. We all came away feeling relaxed, restored and ready for another night out! Sarah also made the practicalities very easy, sorting out the studio booking and responding quickly to all emails and queries which was particularly helpful as I'm based in New York. I would 100% recommend a yoga class with her either for a hen party or any other type of occasion.

Sasha Rankin
New York

Everyone really enjoyed the Corporate Yoga Taster session on the seafront. It was a great introduction to yoga, and a lovely start to the day. Post taster-session we now book Sarah on a weekly basis for Outdoor Yoga sessions on Hove Lawns and when it's raining Sarah hosts the sessions in a lovely Yoga studio.

Summer Reed
Advice-Cloud, Hove

We all really enjoyed the outdoor yoga session, it was a perfect way to end our hen weekend! We loved doing yoga by the sea in Lancing, and on such a lovely day! The session was well thought out and was great for all abilities, even a complete beginner. Sarah made organising the practicalities very easy, responded quickly to emails and was a pleasure to deal with.

Emily Thorpe

There's no better way to start the day than yoga in the sunshine under Sarah's gentle guidance followed by a glorious dip in the sea... Tucked in behind the beach huts, warmed by the sun, cooled by the sea air, these sessions offer energising and calming stretching, it's blissful... The sea is beautiful on an overcast day and even if the temperature's a little lower you are soon glowing! Thank you Sarah.

Helen Archer, Hove

Outdoor yoga is a truly sensory experience, the warmth of the sunshine, the refreshing sea air and the strong, solid connection to the Earth makes me feel stable and grounded...the sound of the gulls and the waves bring inner joy - it's really magical!

Claire, Brighton

Outdoor Yoga is a grounding experience, helping to connect you to the elements, and a great way to shift the focus.

Imke, Hove

I've been having Reiki sessions with Sarah and they've proved extremely beneficial for my health and wellbeing. Being new to this therapy I was a little sceptical at first, about how it would help with my emotional state, and various aches and pains relating to my condition. But after each session I've felt calmer, more relaxed and able to cope with the week ahead. Sarah is a sympathetic practitioner and I really enjoy our meetings. I'm keeping my symptoms of Parkinsons at bay and this has opened my mind to new routes of health and wellbeing. Thank you Sarah

Pauline, East Sussex

Thank you Sarah for a wonderful Saturday afternoon Yoga/Relaxation session. I especially loved chanting 'Om' at the end of class.

Debs, Sussex

Thank you for such a fabulous Saturday afternoon class... you're a wonderful teacher Sarah with such a relaxing aura that helps me switch right off!"

Penny, Brighton

I’ve been having private Yoga sessions in Dru Yoga with Sarah to help my recovery from a spinal fusion operation in my neck. She tailors the session to my abilities rather than my disabilities and keeps me mindful of my core stability, which has made me feel strong and empowered. Sarah has a lovely, calm, sensitive and intelligent manner- so I feel safe and nurtured- and I have found the sessions with her profoundly healing. Every session is different and I feel like I have made great progress.The flowing movements are both soft and dynamic and at the end of the session I feel like my heart has opened and my mind has calmed. Dru Yoga is perfect for anyone of any size or age and very beneficial for anyone with back issues and for depression too- but there is no doubt that it is also a powerful workout. I highly recommend Sarah. 

Script writer, Brighton.

I asked for some Life Coaching sessions with Sarah as a Christmas present to focus and take some time out to really take action on where I wanted to get to. I needed to change some old habits and find some clarity and structure for the year ahead and I wanted to change things up for my family. Sarah deeply listened, supported and believed in my journey and I knew from the very beginning she had my back and in between sessions she was always in the background willing me on. The life coaching enabled me to identify what felt right and realistic to achieve. Sarah supported me in not feeling overwhelmed and putting in the right goals and life balance to look after myself along the way. Through Sarah’s guidance, advice, kindness and support I have managed to stop smoking, let my flat, move to an area with the right school for my daughter and move into the house I was destined to live in. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who feels they are ready to make changes in their life - or at least explore them. Thank you so much Sarah!

Paula E, aged 45, Firle, Sussex

Thank you for a lovely evening at the Upwardly Conscious Coaching Circle Sarah, I feel very focused and clear about my way forward -now it’s time for the action steps! It was really nice working in a small group – so much more powerful yet softly holding.

Georgina H

“Thank you Sarah for a wonderful outdoor yoga session on Hove seafront. We really enjoyed it, and we’ll be sure to recommend you to any fellow yoga lovers visiting the area... if we’re lucky enough to come back to Brighton we’ll be in touch to book a session again!”

Breanna Blackboro

I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday's Hen Do Yoga session - everyone really enjoyed it and it set us up for a fab weekend!

Hen Do Yoga June 2018

Thank you so much Sarah for the amazing 1:1 Yoga session today, I've been experiencing such an energy block recently and have been struggling to move forwards. Just one focused session with you has helped me envision my goals and feel physically able for the first time in ages! Not to mention spirtually soothed:) Thanks again.

Martha Newman

I've been having 1:1 Yoga sessions with Sarah for several months, and will be continuing as the Yoga/Relaxation techniques are proving to be invaluable in helping to reduce my stress levels and manage my diabetes. Sarah makes something that looks quite difficult very easy and the plan she develops feels truly made for my body. Movement is easy under her direction and it flows really well. The benefits to my wellbeing are fantastic.

Joanna Gough, Hove

In the coaching sessions with Sarah I was able to pinpoint the issues that have been holding me back with promoting my work as an artist. Sarah helped me to see that I needed to allow time for myself to plan and give space around the creative process, and to allow it to fit in and around my domestic life as well, knowing that I can move forward and achieve results in bite-size pieces of time, and acknowledge what I do achieve. She is a great listener and offers a safe space to discuss personal and professional issues that might be impacting on someone moving forward with and recognising their goals. She feeds back on discussions at the end of each session, and even emailed notes to help keep me on track, which I found massively useful. I fully recommend Sarah as a Coach.

Kate S, 52, Artist

Life Coaching with Sarah allowed me to effectively and efficiently dedicate some time to setting short term goals, and then achieve these goals. Having recently graduated from university but still feeling unsure what to do with the next stage of my life, talking with Sarah about some of the ideas I've had in the back of my mind but have never voiced out loud before gave me great clarity. Sarah used specialist techniques to ensure I had achievable, focused targets. At the same time, I didn't feel pressured to demonstrate massive progress between each session, I felt relaxed and that I was in a stress-free environment whilst still being dynamic and progressive.

Sophie, 21
Leeds Graduate

Thank you for such an inspiring session today, I really enjoyed the Everyday Yoga mini workshop, and now feel able to implement some of your useful tips and advice into my daily routine.

Carmel, Hove

Sarah's after-school Yoga classes have been an invaluable way for the teachers to unwind at the end of a hectic school day, and it's been lovely to share a moment of peace and tranquility with colleagues who I generally only get to know amid the buzz of the school day. Those of us on the Yoga course have become much closer and I feel we have developed a shared perspective which is proving very beneficial for the teams in which we work. It's really fantastic to float out of school, feeling calm, focused and balanced, rather than taking the stress and baggage home with us.

Kate Howlin, Teacher
Lyndhurst First School, Worthing

Sarah is an inspired teacher who really knows her stuff. Her book, Everyday Yoga, The Essential Guide, is an invaluable resource for the busy person’s bookshelf, providing easy-to-follow yoga practices and relaxation techniques that the beginner to the more experienced yogi can dip into. Sarah makes yoga very accessible and in her book there’s something for everyone, at all ages and stages in life, from pregnancy yoga and kids yoga through to seniors. I especially like the short programs that can be incorporated into the day to enhance wellbeing.

Lynda Field
Life Coach and Author

Sarah is a very genuine, and authentic teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed her classes held on the sunny roof terrace in Morocco's Atlas Mountains on retreat.

Ali H

I recently attended the yoga & walking retreat in Morocco's Atlas Mountain, led by Sarah. She is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher, and offers lovely yoga classes, I'd definitely do another retreat with Sarah.

Clare P

I love attending Sarah's yoga in the beautiful arched hall at Cornerstone... It's a brilliant way to start the week and to be kind to my body.


I really enjoy Sarah's yoga classes. She is a wonderful teacher. I always feel refreshed after the sessions and would highly recommend her for everyone:)

Adri V

Sarah's candle-lit yoga classes are a moment of pure escapism in a hectic week. When I'm visiting Brighton I attend the classes and leave feeling revitalised for many weeks ahead, literally floating on Cloud 9!

Abi Fisk

Sarah is a great teacher and guide. She's clear in her instruction and inspiring in what she brings to workshops and classes. I always feel very warm, safe and nurtured in her company:)

Rosie G

I have attended many different yoga classes in Brighton but Sarah is my favourite teacher by far, her style is very mindful, and I feel respected, nurtured and truly amazing after the sessions. Her directions are very clear and to the point, and her voice is gentle and calm. I leave the class feeling rejuvenated; physically and mentally relaxed, and positive about my life! Thank you Sarah!

Aluiza G

I regularly attend Sarah's weekly yoga classes and just recently I booked a one to one yoga session with Sarah. She put together an excellent back-care program for me, I'm practicing daily, and it's really helping me overcome my long-term back problems. Highly recommended! Thank you Sarah.

Clare T
Interior Designer, Hove

I felt wonderfully calm and rested after receiving beautiful healing energies in a session of Reiki with Sarah, it was the perfect way to ground and integrate new energies, thank you Sarah.


"A perfect mix of classic yoga stretches and energy work that reminded me of Chi Gung...Sarah's soft voice and clear directions make you feel safe and in good hands.... This is yoga as it's meant to be: relaxing, gentle, respecful of both body and soul, and the start of an incredible personal journey"

Penny Loosemoore
editor of Brighton Healthy Magazine, and former Evening Standard Journalist

Thanks for all the lovely relaxing sessions this year Sarah, they've really helped me cope with juggling a busy job and busy life

Kate H
Teacher, Brighton

I was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons and a friend suggested I take up yoga. She recommended Sarah and I have found my sessions with her calming and her teaching very soothing. She is really helping to support me through a very difficult time. Thanks Sarah.

Pauline W, Brighton

"I cannot recommend Sarah's classes highly enough - she has a lovely, calm, sensitive and intelligent manner... I feel safe and nurtured and have found her sessions profoundly healing."

Scriptwriter, Hove.

"I've been practising yoga for over 10 years on and off but have struggled to find a class in Brighton that I really enjoy. Sarah's Cornerstone evening class has a logical, flowing sequence with a great mixture of movement and stillness, so it really relaxes both mind and body. I especially love the feeling the next morning - positive, light-hearted and mobile, no matter what is going on in my life."

Riikka, aged 35
HR Professional, Hove

When I had a severe mental breakdown a good friend suggested yoga, and although my first reaction was panic I overcame my initial anxiety and started attending Sarah’s classes at Cornerstone. Under her expert tutelage I feel no pressure - she makes everyone feel really welcome, and the whole experience so calming and relaxing I am now much, much better and her classes are a highlight to my week.

Neil, 53
Sales Manager, Hove

“Sarah's classes are great; very motivating and well structured. They are perfect for beginners as well as those looking to develop their practice further. Her approach is professional, calm and warm and her classes are a really lovely experience, which I highly recommend.”

Belinda, 39

“Since attending Sarah's yoga classes I no longer suffer from back problems. Her great skill is in making the class seem easy, relaxing and enjoyable, but you achieve big results with seemingly little effort. This makes the class hugely accessible, from beginners to those with more experience. I recommend Sarah’s classes to anyone, to promote health or simply as a treat.”

Beverly Scott

“Sarah’s classes are a joy, they are replenishing on so many levels, bringing peace, serenity and great bendiness! I leave with a smile and the benefits last all week. Don’t miss it!”

Celia, 42

“I started yoga sessions recently to help my body become more flexible and stronger, as I have always suffered from back and neck problems. After just a few months I feel that yoga is starting to help me with this. I am a complete beginner, but have been really well supported within the group and given very helpful direction from Sarah without the pressure to do postures I am not comfortable with. I have also not felt self conscious about the fact that I am much less flexible than a lot of the group. It has been a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience joining Sarah's yoga group.”

Sarah Pain

“Sarah's classes are my calm in a hectic week. She has seen me through a stressful period of work and before and after having my daughter. I had to take a break when I was pregnant though I continued practising on my own and could not have got through labour without my belly breathing! Thank you Sarah!'


“Sarah’s yoga class is a very calming influence and an aid to my wellbeing.”