Upwardly Conscious Coaching

Upwardly Conscious Coaching is anchored in Sarah’s own life experiences, merging her background in Yoga & Mindfulness, Metta, Self-care and Compassion with the tried and tested practical applied Coaching techniques of NLP, time-management and goal setting strategies.

Turning ‘Upwardly Mobile’ on it’s head, and with a philosophy of ‘health is the new wealth’, Upwardly Conscious Coaching is about living a life that feels meaningful, purposeful, full of contentment and Pure Intention, which naturally attracts abundance – without ‘burn-out’.

Upwardly Conscious Coaching can help you with…

  • Goal setting – using tried and tested formulas Sarah will help you set realistic and measurable goals, breaking steps down into bite-sized chunks to make them so much more attainable, and provide the encouragement and unconditional positive support to help you move forward;
  • Navigating around the obstacles, the challenges and curve balls that are a vital part of life, for learning and feedback. We’ll work together to transform limiting beliefs into helpful ones which boost your self-belief and confidence and support your every move, rather than hinder you;
  • Living your truth – by exploring your values and what’s most important to you, the coaching process will help facilitate a life that feels authentic, meaningful and purposeful – the true essence of Upwardly Conscious Coaching.
  • Coaching with Sarah

    With her naturally empathetic, sensitive and intuitive approach, Sarah draws on her own life experiences and ability to put a positive spin on even the most challenging of situations. Sarah will greet you with unconditional, unbiased and upbeat support. Using coaching techniques she’ll help you ‘re-frame’ the inevitable setbacks and curve-balls and help you identify what it is that YOU truly need and want and action the strategies and steps to achieve this.

    Coaching mostly takes place via telephone or via Skype with some face to face coaching sessions available each week. For clients who are frequently travelling and would find it hard to have ‘synchronous’ life coaching (ie in person/telephone) Online Coaching (via email) is also an option, as well as Instant Messaging, for times when a quick coaching boost is needed.

    So if you’re drawn to explore your values and what’s most important to you, or whatever else is on your mind contact Sarah to book a telephone ‘chemistry call’.

    Find out about Sarah’s newly launched monthly evening Upwardly Conscious Coaching Circles… A gathering of women (by invitation, max numbers four) meeting in Hove for the opportunity to dip into and try some coaching, to reflect/consider and review life goals, unblock blocks, unleash new potential and quite likely achieve many ‘aha’ moments! Click HERE to subscribe and know more.

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    “I asked for some Life Coaching sessions with Sarah from Upwardly Conscious Coaching as a Christmas present because I wanted and needed to change some old habits and find some clarity and structure for the year ahead. Sarah deeply listened, supported and believed in my journey and I knew from the very beginning she had my back and in between sessions she was always in the background willing me on. The life coaching enabled me to identify what felt right and realistic to achieve. Sarah supported me in not feeling overwhelmed and putting in the right goals and life balance to look after myself along the way. Through Sarah’s guidance, advice, kindness and support I have managed to stop smoking, let my flat, move to an area with the right school for my daughter and move into the house I was destined to live in. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who feels they are ready to make changes in their life – or at least explore them. Paula E, 45. Firle, Sussex.

    “Thank you for a lovely evening at the Upwardly Conscious Coaching Circle Sarah, I feel very focused and clear about my way forward – now it’s time for the action steps! It was really nice working in a small group – so much more powerful yet softly holding” Georgie, Hove

    “In the coaching sessions with Sarah I was able to pinpoint the issues that have been holding me back with promoting my work as an artist. Sarah helped me to see that I needed to allow time for myself to plan and give space around the creative process, and to allow it to fit in and around my domestic life as well, knowing that I can move forward and achieve results in bite-size pieces of time, and acknowledge what I do achieve. She is a great listener and offers a safe space to discuss personal and professional issues that might be impacting on someone moving forward with and recognising their goals. She feeds back on discussions at the end of each session, and even emailed notes to help keep me on track, which I found massively useful. I fully recommend Sarah as a Coach as well as an excellent yoga teacher.” Kate, 52, Artist, Hove.

    “Sarah helped me identify the blocks and patterns that were preventing me from feeling happy and deserving. We worked together to reframe the unhelpful beliefs that I’ve been carrying for many years, and within a few days of practicing the new thought patterns things began to shift; my relationship improved as I was able to open up and have a really authentic conversation for the first time in ages, I found the courage to charge the amount that felt appropriate when quoting for a freelance job, and I faced many other fears that had been holding me back. I know I’ve got to keep up the work to keep getting a positive result and outcome, but it’s well worth it to feel this much happier and balanced! I thoroughly recommend Sarah’s coaching expertise”. Amanda, 56, Brighton.

    “Life Coaching with Sarah allowed me to effectively and efficiently dedicate some time to setting short term goals, and then achieve these goals. Having recently graduated from university but still feeling unsure what to do with the next stage of my life, talking with Sarah about some of the ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind but have never voiced out loud gave me great clarity and has moved me forward to the next exciting phase of my life. Sarah used specialist techniques to ensure I had achievable, focused targets. At the same time, I didn’t feel pressured to demonstrate massive progress between each session, I felt relaxed and that I was in a stress-free environment whilst still being dynamic and progressive” Sophie, 21, Leeds Graduate.