What is Reiki

I’ve been working with energy healing systems & reiki since 2006 and received my Usui Reiki III Master Level attunement in 2007 and in my classes, workshops & courses I help raise awareness of the subtle energies (the Koshas) and focus on the synchronisation of the chakra system (the body’s energy centres) to bring wholeness and wellness, observing each of the seven major chakras, how it feels when in alignment and when stagnant/imbalanced, drawing on yogic tools to recharge and move from disempowerment to empowerment, lethargy to vitality.

The simplest way to describe Reiki is a gentle hands-on (or held slightly above the body) holistic healing system for balancing and harmonising the mind, body and soul. “Rei” (pronounced Ray) translates as wisdom/knowledge, and “Ki” (pronounced kee) translates as life-force energy. Reiki healing was developed by a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926) and has been used in the West since the 1930’s. If you feel ‘out of sorts’ come and experience an energy rebalancing session with me, I work empathically and intuitively as I channel this life force energy that enables your body to do the healing and rebalancing that it needs.

Experience Reiki

Contact me to book a 1:1 Reiki healing/treatment. Appointments are held in a therapy studio in central Brighton/Hove.

I also offer individual and/or group Reiki attunement sessions, by private appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you with your dates and details.