Yoga in nature

yoga walk chanct 3

At last Saturday’s yoga & walking afternoon (I led a group of 6 yogi’s up Chanctonbury Hill, near Steyning, West Sussex, which included a 1 hour yoga session on the hill, half-way up) I realized again why yoga and walking go together so well. It was a windy but very sunny day, we had the ocean on the left side (south) and views of the South Downs surrounding us as we trekked uphill.

It was stunning, we walked partly in silence, to meditate on nature and be in rhythm with the ground, the Earth. After 1h15 we found a gorgeous spot for our yoga practice. Beside a shady tree, but still beneath the sun, we flowed through some standing Dru Yoga sequences – bare foot, on the grass. Salutation to the Earth, then Eagle, Tree flow, some Warriors, Chair of the Heart, and then down to the earth to rest on our backs and flow into Bridge before meditation and relaxation.

yoga walk chanct 2

The group was blissed-out – they admitted they were beginning to feel tired from the uphill walk but just a 45 minutes of moving, stretching and lengthening out the muscles restored the legs, and mobilized the spine. And the relaxation, and focused meditation calmed our minds, reminding us to be present, mindful and the reason why we had come on this walk, to be surrounded and supported by the tranquility of nature, to remember to trust that we’re on our path, everything is exactly as it is, even when we don’t particularly like it.

So we continued on with the walk up to the circle of trees known as Chanctonbury Ring, it’s a mystical circle with many fascinating theories, to me it feels very strongly feminine, and I sense rituals and magic took place here many moons ago. A long walk back down, and finally we returned to Steyning, tired yet refreshed, and that cup of tea (thank you Kathryn) was the best ever!

Next yoga & walking afternoon is scheduled for 10.10.15 – secret location! TBA…

I’m also hosting two yoga & walking RETREATS, in 2016 – firstly in Brittany, France (19 March 20 24 March, Spring Equinox) then in Morocco’s stunning Atlas Mountains (25 April to 1 May) for Satvada Retreats. See my Escapes page for booking info.

Sarah x