I first found Yoga when I was gifted a Yoga Book aged 15. I was intrigued by the strange shapes and techniques so I began emulating the Hatha Yoga asanas on my tiny bedroom floor. It was the beginning of my awakening and my interest in spirituality, which continued when I studied and travelled in South-East Asia and Australia.

In London I pursued my goal of working as a Journalist and I put this spiritual journey on the back seat. I was living my dream, working as a Freelance Journalist, jetting around the world and being to paid to travel and write about it.

I moved to Brighton to live near to the sea and quickly discovered it’s the UK’s Yoga Capital so I resumed my Yoga practice with fervour, rolling out my mat at the many different classes on offer, in my home, on the beach, and whenever and wherever I could. My practice brought me home, anchored me, and reconnected me to a strength and power within that is humble, serene and blissful.

After seven years of regular practice in Brighton and Hove, I took a leap of faith and flew to India to undertake my first Yoga Teacher Training, which changed my life. I completed the 200 hour intensive one-month YTTC at the Sivananda Centre, in Kerala, India, graduated as a Yoga Siromani (Teacher) in March 2007, and returned to Brighton to start teaching.

In the Ashram I was given the “spiritual name”; “Sivakami” so I named my business Karmiyoga, which is a word-play on ‘calm-me’ yoga, and as it’s my intention to help others experience the inner peace, strength and bliss that yoga brings to me it seemed to fit.

I taught in the traditional Hatha/Sivananda style for three years before undertaking another 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Dru Yoga, graduating as a Dru Yogini in 2012.

The Life Coaching training came soon after, when I realised that I needed a ‘listening’ therapy in my skill-set to support and mentor my clients with their own transformation.

After 20 years of practice and 13 years teaching Yoga in Brighton & Hove, on retreats, outdoors on Hove Lawns, online and with private clients, my passion is to continue to share the infinite benefits of Yoga and Meditation, to live a life I love, and help others do the same.

Vital Statistics:

  • I’m a 500h+ Registered Yoga School Teacher (Sivananda/Dru Yoga);
  • I’m a member of the Dru Professional Network and undertake CPD;
  • I’m a certified/experienced YogaKids teacher;
  • I’m an experienced Retreats Teacher (for Satvada Retreats, and my own retreats);
  • I’m fully insured to teach Yoga in the UK/on retreat;
  • I’m DBS enhanced-certified and trained to teach Yoga with young people;
  • I’m a certified Life Coach;
  • I’m An Airbnb Experience Host for Outdoor Yoga ;
  • I’m also a Move GB Partner for Yoga classes (online/in class).