Hi, I’m Sarah, a Conscious Life Coach and Yoga/Meditation Teacher, a Light-worker and Energy Healer and if you’re a soul-centred yogini or a heart-led entrepreneur bursting with ideas and ready to magnetise, transform, evolve and align into your Highest Vision then I’m very excited to connect with you!

My Yoga journey began, aged 15, when I was gifted a Yoga book and began learning the asanas from the diagrams. Fast forward to travels in my 20’s in SE Asia and Australia and I was already hooked on all things holistic, healthy, yogic and healing.

But I still needed to follow my burning ambition to become a Journalist so I worked hard, graduated and began writing for national press (papers and glossy magazines), travelling and being paid to write about luxury Spa hotels and experiences. I loved it, but at the same time, my Higher Self kept telling me something was “off”.

I wasn’t honouring the other stuff I was here to do so I went half way and began writing about Yoga, writing about healing and alternative topics, until I realised I still wasn’t fully listening to my calling, and that was to get back into Yoga.

So I booked a flight to India, enrolled in an intensive YTTC in an Ashram and trained to become a Yoga Teacher. It was a life changing experience, and when I returned to Brighton in 2007 I completed my Bach Flower Remedy practitioner training, received my Reiki Master attunements, started teaching Yoga and launched Karmiyoga.

In my journalism work I continue to write about topics that I was passionate about and was commissioned to write two healthy handbooks, and one about Yoga entitled Everyday Yoga (Need2Know Books). With a further 200 hour YTTC in Dru Yoga, an intensive Life Coaching program and mentoring I’ve grown and developed my spiritual business; Karmiyoga, which is a synthesis of all of my trainings, experience and knowledge.

And I look forward to meeting you, exactly where you’re at.

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