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Conscious Coaching

Are you ready to align and recharge your life, your vitality and your dreams to live your Highest vision, and to work a Coach who's committed to doing this? You'll need someone who's conscious, empathic, someone who's been through some 'stuff', who's committed to, and regularly working on themselves, growing, evolving, expanding, enhancing skills, upgrading....

Someone who's warm and approachable, easy to talk to, a good listener, who 'gets' the consciousness shift, who works with vibrational energy, and who's also versatile, strategic, pragmatic and creative in approach, methodology and technique, with experience in many different fields to share and support you to connect with your most powerful, magnetic, intuitive, authentic self, too.

I've got you and I offer several different routes to conscious coaching, head to my Booking page where you can schedule a free discovery call and/or make a session or bundle booking.

I support my clients to:

  • Tune into their intuition and connect with their spiritual CEO and heart-felt, soul-led vision;
  • Explore, and implement, fresh and creative ways to expand their time and prioritise activities that serve and matter to them most;
  • Influence a deeper sense of compassion and kindness towards self;
  • Strategise, share and demonstrate new behaviours and philosophies that kick overwhelm right out of the window;
  • Inspire personal empowerment and a renewed sense of being the driver in their life.

Are you ready to elevate? empower, reclaim and recalibrate all parts of you to live from a fresh and higher perspective focused on: freedom, love, creativity, abundance, joy, wellbeing, wealth, health, harmony and compassion?

Since 2020 my uniquely curated, bespoke program, elevate, has supported several women on their journey home to intentional living, removing the obstacles, stories and time-consuming activities or obligations that were holding them back from stepping up and into a higher place of empowerment, freedom, flow and ease.

If you're ready to upgrade your preferences and standards to thrive in these evolving times, to integrate and embody the new waves of energy and opportunity that make being alive in these times so ground-breaking and intentional, you could be a perfect match for my in-depth, bespoke and transformational program, elevate.

If you'd like to be considered for this transformational program, to shine a light on what works, what no longer fits or suits in the area of abundant living, heart-centred relationships, a body fuelled by self-love practices and integrating your body, mind, emotions, with your unique energy and your Higher Self to elevate in these new times, drop me a message and let's see if we're a match.

*elevate is a long-term investment in you and runs over a four to six month container. Complete the contact form below to ask me about the program, and to be added to the wait list. N.B. I work with one client at a time to give my full attention.

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In these incredibly transformative times perhaps you’re wondering:

  • What do I need at this point in my life, and how do I make the shift?
  • How can I do work that I love, AND enjoy an income and life that is fulfilling and sustainable?
  • How can I avoid burnout and feel balanced, healthy and peaceful?

I'm here to help you explore what it feels like to live in congruence with yourself, to help nudge all parts of you into alignment, so that you feel excited and inspired to live a joyful and purposeful life, doing what you love, what lights you up, and sharing your unique expression with the world, while experiencing abundance in incredible ways.

If you're on the fence or feel unsure of where and what you need, why not book a discovery call to check our chemistry, what you could expect from coaching with me, and most importantly, whether we fit?

Let's chat...

I believe everything is about resonance and energetic alignment and if this is resonating with you, complete the form below or click the button to schedule a call.

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