1:1 programs

Imagine starting your day feeling refreshed and excited to fully embody and be conscious of how you physically move, think and respond to life, honouring and taking care of your needs? 2020 has presented us with many challenges and it takes patience, trust, faith, commitment and a dedicated willingness to live with a positive mindset – but it’s totally possible to feel peaceful, joyful and focused amid the chaos, fear and uncertainty.

How? by raising and maintaining a HIGH vibration.

Work with me 1:1 (over Zoom/Skype) and I’ll teach you how to hone techniques in Movement (Yoga), Meditation, Mindset and Energy that will transform your whole way of living and being, from the choices you make in your food and diet to increasing resilience, vitality, purpose and direction.

My 1:1 programs are carefully crafted and blended after 13 years of teaching and helping people overcome and relieve health issues like back pain, overwhelm, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression, achieve an improved sense of balance, peace of mind, inner strength and empowerment via my various programs in Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing and Conscious Coaching.

Work with me on a 1:1 basis to:

  • Relieve stress-related conditions and imbalances through Yoga Asana, Meditation & Mindfulness;
  • Gain clarity, calm and Self-awareness through Pranayama (breathing), Meditation & Mantra;
  • Learn how to work with the body’s subtle energies (Chakras) to feel calm, centred and vital;
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