Online 1:1 support programs

Being in ‘lock-down’ is forcing us to reflect on and look at how we’ve been living our lives, it’s shining a light on all the shadows.

How would you like your life to feel, and be, when we’ve safely come out of all this?

Are you ready for a ‘reset’?

What changes would you like to make as part of a long-term and sustainable way of being and living?

Would you like to learn and hone techniques in Yoga, Meditation, Mindset and Mindfulness that will help transform your way of ‘being’ and the way you live your life?

  • Relieve stress-related conditions and imbalances with Yoga and Mindfulness;
  • Bring clarity, calm and Self-awareness through re-connection to intuition;
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the subtle energies (Chakras) which influence our well-being;
  • Talk to me about my online 1:1 support programs (over Zoom/Skype) which have been newly crafted to help support the current challenges of social distancing, isolation and home-working and blend my experience and background of nearly 15 years in Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing and Life Coaching.

    Alternatively, if it’s life-coaching you’re after, click here.

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