Karmi(Zoom)Yoga sessions

You’re in the right place for the scheduling of my ONLINE Yoga, Meditation and Guided Relaxation sessions which I’m delivering on the Zoom platform, and in my Facebook Group; Karmiyoga @ Home. Click on my social links above to follow my Instagram uploads and join my Facebook Group.

My online classes are very accessible and suitable for all levels, from beginner to regularly practising yogis and are designed to help renew energy and build resilience during current challenges. The Meditative movements and potent Dru Yoga flows help calm the mind, focus thoughts and increase Prana (vitality) via breathing techniques and a super-charged guided relaxation soothes the nerves, regulates emotions and boosts immunity.

For health & safety purposes please message me if you’re new to my classes (and for existing clients, if anything has changed) to declare any health and safety issues before the class. I will provide you with the recommended modifications.

Weekly Online Schedule:

Please RSVP for the Karmi(Zoom)Yoga invite link and join my Facebook Group: Karmiyoga @ Home for FREE and donation-based live sessions and replays.

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KARMIYOGA ID: 534 780 4474

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  • Facebook live- Mondays @ different timings, see notifications on social platforms;
  • Zoom live – Wednesdays @ 1pm;
  • Zoom live – Fridays @ 12 noon.
  • Can’t make the above? Click here to book a private Zoom session, and to find out about my new Online Support Programs.