Sarah Dawson Coaching

How would it feel to live a life that feels meaningful, soul-aligned and purposeful – what would be your highest vision for yourself?

Let’s pause for a moment, feel into it:

Where are you, who are you with, and what are you doing?

And how much does this align with where you are, at the moment?

I’m Sarah, and for the past 13 years I’ve been running Yoga, Relaxation and Reiki workshops, alongside Coaching and Mentoring programs, and I LOVE helping people tap into their inner wisdom and live in alignment.

I’ve been good at following my own intuition and dreams. I’ve had three different careers so far, from PA to Travel & Lifestyle Journalist to Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master to present-day Yogi, Conscious Coach & spiritual/digital entrepreneur so you’ll find coaching sessions with me are “well-rounded”. In the sessions I take an intuitive/conscious approach alongside practical coaching and leadership strategies, and with creative input from my Media experience.

So let’s talk about that vision, where you are now, and where you’d like to be. Together, we’ll map the journey from A to B and focus on what’s most important, be it health, diet, lifestyle, relationship, professional or spiritual – together we’ll set the focus points, goals and strategy – and I’ll support and hold you accountable.

Ways to work with me

There are several ways to work with me, from one-off sessions and fast-track coaching to more in-depth ongoing and transformational programs. Booking is now open for my next FOUR month transformational and fully holistic coaching program – I’m taking on TWO new clients to work with me on an up-levelling journey into 2021. So send me a message and let’s chat about that vision and turn it into reality.

“I signed up for Coaching with Sarah in 2017 to help me change outdated habits, achieve clarity and a structure for the year ahead. Sarah deeply listened, supported and believed in my journey, and between each session she willed me on. The coaching sessions enabled me to identify what felt right and realistic to achieve and Sarah supported me in not feeling overwhelmed and achieving a balance between going for my goals while looking after my well-being. Under Sarah’s expert guidance within three months I had quit smoking, let my flat, moved to an area with the right school for my daughter and into the house I was destined to live in and launch my new business from. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is ready to manifest positive changes in their life.”
Paula, Entrepreneur and Bakehouse business founder, Sussex.

“In the coaching sessions with Sarah I was able to pinpoint the issues that have been holding me back with promoting my work as an artist. Sarah helped me to see that I needed to allow time for myself to plan and give space around the creative process, and to allow it to fit in and around my domestic life, knowing that I can move forward and achieve results in bite-size pieces of time, and acknowledge everything that I do achieve. She is a great listener and offers a safe space to discuss personal and professional issues that might be impacting on someone moving forward with and recognising their goals.”
Kate S, Contemporary Artist, Hove

“I attended Sarah’s life coaching workshop while on one of her retreats and Sarah put me completely at ease with her gentle, assured approach. She has such a magical way of explaining things without overloading you and is sensitive to different people’s needs and preferences. She managed to help me strike the perfect balance between being ambitious and pragmatic. The initial session helped me focus on which areas of my life I wanted to work on and gave me the tools to continue independently. The follow up calls reassured me about a few niggles and I made a firm action plan to change my work pattern to create more time for things that are important to me. I continue to draw on Sarah’s coaching tips to keep my life on track”
Naomi Grayburn, Service Designer, Hove.

Coaching sessions are ONLINE via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Telephone.