Are you ready for transformation? Did lock-down make you realise that now is the time to invest in yourself and to live a life that feels more in alignment with the real you?

Do you have a vision, and a sense (or feeling) of how you would like your life to be, moving forwards?

Or do you need support right here, right now, as we ease out of Lock-down, with anxiety management, prioritising self-care, time-management, productivity or figuring out exactly what you heck you want to be doing?

Karmiyoga Coaching is anchored in my life experiences and is about creating and living a life that feels meaningful, soul-aligned and purposeful. I take a conscious and intuitive approach to coaching alongside practical techniques like NLP, time-management and goal-setting strategies, with a large helping of creative thinking from my days as contributing features writer/editor for national press, and online.

Talk to me about my new online support programs, which look the current challenges of social distancing/isolation and home-working boldly in the eye, drawing on nearly 15 years of helping people work towards and achieve an improved sense of balance and purpose via my various programs in Yoga, Reiki Energy Workshops and Coaching. All sessions are ONLINE, via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Telephone.

Karmiyoga Coaching can help with:

  • Goal setting – using simple and effective formulas I’ll help you set realistic and measurable goals, breaking steps down into bite-sized chunks to make them so much more attainable, and provide the encouragement and unconditional positive support to help you move forward;
  • Navigating the obstacles, the challenges and curve balls that are a vital part of life, for learning and feedback. We’ll work together to transform limiting beliefs into helpful ones which boost your self-belief and confidence and support your every move, rather than hinder you;
  • Living your truth – by exploring your values and what’s most important to you, the coaching process will help facilitate a life that feels authentic, meaningful and purposeful.
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    Sarah x