Sarah Dawson Coaching

If you could CHOOSE it, what’s your highest vision for yourself in 2021?

I firmly believe that you CAN choose it.

So pause for a moment to feel into it:

Where are you, who are you with, and what are you doing?


As we move into the Golden Age of Aquarius this is the time to shine your light for all to see as you upgrade your energy and manifestation potential.

Why work with me

I’m Sarah, and for the past 14 years I’ve been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Reiki workshops alongside Mindset and Coaching programs. I LOVE helping soul-aligned and soul-seekers tap into their inner wisdom and live powerfully in alignment.

I’m good at listening to my intuitive hunches and I’ve had three different, successful careers so far, from PA to Travel & Lifestyle Journalist, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master to Conscious Coach & spiritual/digital entrepreneur. I reckon you’ll find coaching sessions with me are fairly “well-rounded” as I take both an intuitive and conscious approach alongside practical and leadership techniques, and a side dish of creativity from my Journalistic days.

So, how would it feel for your to live a life that is meaningful, soul-aligned and purposeful? As your Coach I’ll support you with this self-exploration, and together we’ll map the journey from A to B to bring all parts of you into powerful alignment.

Ways to work with me

Tell me what you need. From one-off sessions and fast-track coaching to in-depth ongoing and transformational programs, drop me a message to tell me what you’d like support with. I have ONE slot available on my next FOUR month transformational and fully holistic 2021 coaching program where I’ll work closely with two people on an up-levelling journey into 2021. So send me a message to chat about your highest vision and let’s turn it into reality.

“I signed up for Coaching with Sarah in January 2017 to help me change outdated habits, achieve clarity and a structure for the year ahead. Sarah deeply listened, supported and believed in my journey, and between each session she willed me on. The coaching sessions enabled me to identify what felt right and realistic to achieve and Sarah supported me in not feeling overwhelmed and achieving a balance between going for my goals while looking after my well-being. Under Sarah’s expert guidance within three months I had quit smoking, let my flat, moved to an area with the right school for my daughter and into the house I was destined to live in and launch my new business from. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is ready to manifest positive changes in their life.”
Paula, Entrepreneur and Bakehouse business founder, Sussex.

“In the coaching sessions with Sarah I was able to pinpoint the issues that have been holding me back with promoting my work as an artist. Sarah helped me to see that I needed to allow time for myself to plan and give space around the creative process, and to allow it to fit in and around my domestic life, knowing that I can move forward and achieve results in bite-size pieces of time, and acknowledge everything that I do achieve. She is a great listener and offers a safe space to discuss personal and professional issues that might be impacting on someone moving forward with and recognising their goals.”
Kate S, Contemporary Artist, Hove

“I experienced Sarah’s conscious coaching as part of an integrated yoga retreat on the lovely Greek Island of Kefalonia in 2019 and it added another layer to the whole experience that stayed with me since returning home, planting ideas and enquiry into the subconscious mind in very powerful ways. One year later and pretty much all of those seeds have come into fruition in my life. If you’re looking to make some upgrades and shifts I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah as your Coach.”
Naomi Grayburn, Service Designer, Hove.

Coaching sessions are ONLINE via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Telephone.