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The Recharge Portal is open! Click below to join an uplifting and elevating community...

Welcome to my new monthly membership - The Recharge Portal - the place to recharge and realign, to lean out of the external and lean into your self-care and self-nourishment. It's your space and your time to tune into both live and on-demand nourishing, soul-soothing yoga and relaxation sessions, mini movement, flexibility, strength & body conditioning videos, breathing tips & techniques, guided relaxation and meditations, receive energy recharge transmissions, plus coaching and mind-set mastery hacks - all with the intention to empower your energy, your mind, your body and your Spirit.

Life can feel intense, and when you feel your motivation, energy and mood spiralling downwards, press the 'pause' button, log in and "take five". Try a short movement sequence, or give yourself permission to settle into a soothing meditation, or try some revitalising pranayama (breath-work) to ground and rebalance you. With more time to self-invest, select a full 50-60 minute movement session, or choose from a variety of short videos to inspire and uplift you from listening and relaxing to being active and energised.

Within the Portal there are four sections, as follows, and see the demo video below for a preview of what's inside:

  • Recharge your Vitality - the "Prana Pod", your space for breathing techniques and meditations to boost your energy and your life-force - Prana.  Short videos of varied duration with breathing techniques from recharge your day, to soothe yourself to sleep, alongside guided meditations to allow your nervous system to reset and feel re-energised. Access my soul-soothing guided meditations, from 5-15 minutes, alongside quick-fire breathing practice videos to recharge your Prana (vitality) levels and your vibe, when you're flagging.

  • Recharge your Body - the movement hub - replenishing and restorative Yoga & Meditation servings (uploads from live sessions as well as fresh content) to align with the energies of ease, grace and flow. Create your own library and practice routine which you can build upon with freshly arriving content each month.

  • Recharge your Soul - Click here for your essential "Ascension Upgrade" tools, from Reiki energy transmissions to replays of live sessions and energy update videos to support and soothe your Soul on the global energy ascension.

  • Recharge your Mind - The "Manifesting mind-set series" - tune in here for coaching videos based on intentional and aligned living to inspire and motivate you, with mantra practices, affirmations and journaling and vision/intention-setting, tips, tools & techniques to support you on your aligned lifestyle.

Connect with me inside the Portal, and in the monthly live sessions, from wherever you are in the world, while travelling, at home or anywhere else that works for you and experience a sense of 'coming-together' and being part of a like-minded community while you recharge, elevate and upgrade your life.

The Recharge Portal launches in Autumn 2023 at an introductory rate* of £44 pcm - or get twelve months for the price of ten when you invest in the full year at £440. Enjoy freshly inspired upgraded lifestyle content each month PLUS live sessions with me. Join the Recharge Portal now and your subscription will be locked into this monthly rate for the year, (or on the annual rate if you pay in full for 12 months).

The Karmiyoga Recharge Portal (Monthly Membership)

£44 / monthly

The Karmiyoga Recharge Portal (One year Membership)

£440 / per year

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