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The Recharge Portal is relaunching soon!

Come and join me in my monthly membership to feel more in-flow, reset your nervous system, step into empowered, Soulful living and deep nourishing rest.

Inside the membership you can tune into Yoga practice videos and tutorials, from 5-60 minutes, get inspired by concise and uplifting life coaching tips & techniques, deeply recharge in relaxation & chakra rebalancing meditations, explore your Soul purpose and boost your energetic frequency.

The Recharge Portal is a conscious container of support for you to realign with your centre, on-demand, and in monthly live community calls.

Select content from four channels :

  • Recharge your Vitality - the "Prana Pod", your space for breathing techniques and meditations to boost your energy and your life-force - Prana. Access my soul-soothing guided meditations, from 5-15 minutes, alongside quick-fire breathing practice videos to recharge your Prana (vitality) levels and your vibe. Short videos of varied duration from recharge your day, to soothe yourself to sleep, guided meditations to allow your nervous system to reset and re-energise. 

  • Recharge your Body - the "Movement Hub" - Yoga tutorials, classes and servings to align with the energies of ease, grace and flow. Enjoy a library and practice routine of varied duration videos to help you improve core strength, postural alignment, relieve tight muscles, improve strength & flexibility with freshly arriving content each month and uploads from live Masterclass sessions.

  • Recharge your Soul - your "energy upgrade" channel - for working with your energetics, the subtle energies and your unique blueprint, with tutorials and tips on cleansing and managing your vibe, energy transmissions and replays of live sessions. 

  • Recharge your Mind - the "Manifesting mind-set" series - practical and uplifting coaching content to get the most out of your day, and your life. Tune in here for video tutorials based on intentional and aligned living to inspire and motivate you, such as affirmations, vision/intention-setting, tips, tools, coaching methodology & techniques to support your aligned lifestyle. 
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Summer 2024 - re-launch details coming soon!

  • Compartmentalise your spiritual practice with an evolving and varied library of inspired and creative on-demand video content to support, recharge and align your energies;
  • Get started with the 14 days of yoga for body & soul program;
  • Get inclusive access to my monthly online Yoga & Relax lunchtime sessions (60 min) on the first Friday of each month.
Corporate Yoga programs with Sarah of Karmiyoga

Subscribe to the monthly membership. Click the button below for the sign-up page, and I’ll see you in there!

Love Sarah xx

T&Cs: After you've signed up you will be charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time by clicking the account tab and selecting cancel. Please email me if you need support with this. 

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The Karmiyoga Recharge Portal (Monthly Membership)

£25 / monthly

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