Karmiyoga Membership for Yoga & Meditation and Conscious Coaching


Currently closed: join the waitlist for my introductory rate membership launching April 2023

Welcome to my new monthly membership - The Recharge Portal - the place to recharge and re-align all parts of you. Your space and your time to tune into nourishing, soul-soothing meditative yoga, guided relaxations, breathing tips & techniques, short movement, flexibility, strength & body conditioning videos, plus mind-set-mastery hacks, live sessions and energy reboots and transmissions to support you on your "upgrade"- and all in the comfort of your own home.

Connect with me from wherever you are in the world, and experience a sense of 'coming-together' and being part of a like-minded community while you recharge, elevate and upgrade your life.

My membership portal launches at a super introductory rate* of £33pm (or £330 for the year, saving £66), when you join in April. Receive freshly inspired upgraded lifestyle content each month. Join the Recharge Portal in April '23 and your subscription will be locked into this rate for the year.

  • Prana Pod:  Access my soul-soothing guided meditations, from 5-15 minutes, alongside quick-fire breathing practice videos to recharge your Prana (vitality) levels and upgrade your vibe, whenever it's flagging.
  • Movement as medicine: Enjoy the Karmiyoga Goldprint of movement - replenishing and restorative Yoga & Meditation servings (uploads from live sessions as well as fresh content) to align with the energies of ease, grace and flow. Create your own library and practice routine which you can build upon with freshly arriving content each month.
  • Mind-set mastery: Coaching videos inspiring you with mood upgrades, mantra practices, affirmations and intention setting, tips, tools & techniques to guide your aligned lifestyle.
  • Energetic upgrades: Reiki energy transmissions to all members in the Portal on a weekly basis to support you on the global energy ascension.

The Karmiyoga Recharge Portal (membership)

£33 / monthly

Free / sample meditation

13 minutes:

An evening meditation to release your day and calm your nervous system

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