Online programs & replays

Purchase YouTube playback videos and practice online at your own time and pace from a selection of my live sessions.

Special Summer Solstice offer: half price replay link on my Saturday Morning Masterclass (19.6.21) – click below to purchase your unlimited/ongoing use replay link.

YouTube Playback videos

Practice online – programs and replays, launching soon!

Meditate and levitate with me in my Prana-Pod; a new online space for all things connected to increasing vitality and prana levels, with live talks, live meditations, live movement sessions, tips, tricks and techniques from myself, and various guest experts.

Sign up here to join the Prana-Pod.

And: Shift your energy with my 7-day Release, Relax and Recharge program, which blends MOVEMENT (transmuting and shifting stagnant energy and tension in the body), MINDSET (reprogramming limiting thoughts and beliefs) with DEEP RELAXATION to reset and reboot the nervous system, yes, all in a week, and which can be replay and repeated as many times as you need.

Meantime, click here to go to my YouTube channel for a selection of gentle, meditative flows to enhance balance, calm and poise.