7-day online bliss portal yoga & wellness program


Are you in need of a recharge, to feel healthy, relaxed and balanced, and to explore and practice methods and techniques that support you to live your best life?!

Welcome to the 7-day bliss portal – a week-long journey and 30 minutes each day (four daytime sessions and three meditative evening sessions) to inspire and support you into a daily practice of wellness, a life-practice of yoga & relaxation, and how to effortlessly do this.

The 7-day Bliss Portal was a live-streamed program, and you can now purchase the (unlimited use) YouTube replay links for your on-demand enjoyment. (7 sessions).

T&Cs: All bookings are non-refundable.

For best results, follow this course sequentially and at the suggested times, as follows:

  • Day one: morning/day;
  • Day two: evening;
  • Day three: morning/day;
  • Day four: evening;
  • Day five; morning/day;
  • Day six: evening;
  • Day seven: morning/day.


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