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Reiki & Energy Upgrade

Calling HEART-led Soul-Seekers and Conscious, Creative Change-Makers!

Your energy is your currency, and learning how to use and work with Reiki energy is an incredible gift and tool in these times. Are you interested in exploring your own unique vibrational energy, purpose and mission during this time of the global consciousness awakening, aka "the Ascension"?

Allow me to support and share all that I know and understand about working with energy and light that I've gleaned during the past 17 years since becoming initiated in Reiki 1. I draw on my own practices and teachings as a Reiki Master, Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Life Coach to help support the huge shifts that are taking place, within me, you, and all around us.

Perhaps you're just starting to "wake up" and you need support, focus, clarity and understanding of what's happening within and around you. Maybe you're well into the process of awakening and you're ready to co-create and develop your role as a light-worker, a way-shower, and to launch your unique, significant projects and offerings to the world. I'll meet you where you are, and offer you my support.

Ways to work with me:

  • Reiki I, II and III Attunements (individually, in person or digital courses);
  • Reiki Energy Recharge sessions (in person/online) including cord cutting;
  • Coaching and Mentoring on your Ascension journey;

Have you been wondering - what's happening?

Are you feeling things that you've never felt before? Your body is upgrading to a new vibrational operating system, think of it like the latest phone update. Collectively, our Third Eye Chakras (located between the eyes) have been/are being opened and our energetic bodies are holding and carrying a much higher light quotient. Would you like to work with a mentor and coach for extra support at this time to explore how to draw on and share your own unique gifts in the world? Are you seeking support to understand the transformation?

Book a Reiki Recharge session or Ascension Coaching session

If you're seeking support during these incredible transitioning times I will be honoured to hold the space for you, I offer one hour sessions, tailored to you, in person or online.

  • What you might be experiencing as you upgrade:

    • Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, confusion, headaches, achy joints, intense ringing in the ears;
    • Disrupted sleep, intense dreams, waking up at similar hours during the night eg 3am or 4am;
    • A sense of not knowing who you anymore, aware of major shifts but not sure what they're about or when you began to feel them
    • Extreme sensitivity to other peoples' energies and beliefs;
    • A desire to spend more time alone, away from crowds, and drawn to animals, nature and peace and quiet (more than normal);

Alternatively drop me an email to ask me anything.

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