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Heaven on Earth: Retreat to Kefalonia, 27 September to 3 October 2023

Heaven on earth has your name on it, and I'm excited to announce my freshly revised retreat offering this year in Kefalonia.

I've been organising and hosting beach yoga and wellness retreats on this blissful Greek Island since 2017, and this September I'm returning with a fresh theme - creating your unique version of heaven on earth, which as we know, is an 'inside-job', because we're constantly co-creating our reality with our thoughts, words and beliefs.

So I'm calling out to my sisters, you'll know if it's you; open-hearted, soulful and inspired women, who would love to join me on the blissful Greek Island of Kefalonia for a deeply nourishing and elevating week of retreating, and receiving.

We're going to make a shift, and we'll do so via a combination of the following:

Feel nourished by ...

  • Sunrise Dru & Hatha Yoga sequences and practices to boost your vitality;
  • Sunset guided meditations to soothe your Soul, and free the mind to access Source energy and creative flow;
  • Energy boosting breath-work (pranayama), nidra and relaxation to release, recharge and reset the nervous system.
  • Mindful beach walks using mantra to focus the mind and anchor the present moment;
  • Healing beach circles with energy activations.
  • Revealing your freshly curated blueprint/goldprint and ethos for living via the combined program of movement, mindset, meditations and free-flow writing:
  • Journaling prompts to uncover thoughts, feelings, wishes and being witness to limiting beliefs that may be in the way;
  • Conscious coaching circles to connect with Source energy - the essence of your creativity - and to formulate a framework for the shifts you desire.
  • Rest and relaxation time to enjoy the healing benefits of seawater (thalassotherapy) and the fresh, natural surroundings;
  • Local and delicious food to boost the body's microbiome and balance. 
  • Plus: Optional afternoon trips to beautiful places for inspiration and renewal. 

Co-create your own version of Heaven on Earth...

Join me on retreat for a deeply restful and transformative week where you can allow yourself to be nourished by nature and this tranquil beach-side location, with mindfulness practices, meditations, intuitive/ conscious coaching circles, energy resets, and beach based yoga & movement practices.

Over the week I will lead you through a sequence of gentle, uplifting and meditative Dru Yoga flows designed to support you to release, relax and reset, alongside short, concise conscious coaching sessions with potent self-enquiry/journaling exercises and wild-flow-write sessions to inspire your new intentions and to co-create and curate your own version of Heaven on Earth.

This is a very elemental and outdoorsy retreat designed to take advantage of the deeply nourishing benefits, and cues, from nature; whether the sea is stormy or still, clouds are in the sky or the sun shines brightly, and island breezes flow nicely, we can use this as our mirror for our own inner healing. We'll lean on, and learn from the elements to support our own natural rhythm and connection with the earth and our experience on this incredible planet.

With our beautiful, natural surroundings at the core of this retreat, all sessions will be held outside, either in the retreat gardens, or on the beach. The daily program will flow and lead onto the next to offer a sense of continuation via the combined movement (yoga & meditation), mind-set (conscious/intuitive coaching) and creative journaling/self-enquiry/writing prompts.

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Mantra & Mindfull walk on Turtle Beach Lourdas

On this retreat I’ll invite you to to tune into your intentions, your preferences, and to embody them through a series of yoga, movement, mindset and energy activations/bliss codes (Reiki resets).

In the intuitive/conscious coaching and in the mindset-movement sessions I’ll help you find your starting point, to empty out, and from this opening, to anchor-in and slow down then create a revised launch-pad for your “I’m Possible” and explore how this looks and feels for you in these transformational times.

Imagine: a session of serene sunrise yoga on a platform overlooking the ocean, and meditative mindfulness practices held on the heavenly tranquil Turtle Beach as the sun sets in a week long program dedicated your uplifting, harmonising journey of replenishment.

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In the movement sessions we'll flow through easy-to-follow energy shifting sequences to release tension in the body, some specifically for anti-anxiety, for awakening heart chakra energy, for setting goals and intentions, for rebalancing hormones, and also for rewiring and strengthening the nervous system, while nourishing and rejuvenating the internal organs, toning the body, improving postural awareness and energetic alignment. Pranayama (control of the breath = control of the mind) and meditation techniques will help to quieten a busy mind.

The Heaven on Earth retreat is open to a small, intimate group of around six women. Please contact me at your earliest for the booking/payment information, and to reserve your spot/place. There is also the opportunity for 1-2 women to attend on a reduced rate in exchange for supporting me on the retreat, please get in touch to discuss.
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lourdas beach waves and rock

For the retreat investment, flight info, and all other booking details and information with options on how to pay, click the link below, or complete the form below to email or book a call, and ask me anything!

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