Saturday Morning Masterclass

Join me on a Journey into the Heart of Yoga in my Saturday Morning Masterclass, where on a monthly basis I’ve been focusing on the individual Chakra Centres and sharing my understanding after 15 years of working with Reiki energy and teaching Yoga on how the body’s spirals of energy work to support us, and how to notice when one or more of them needs retuning, and suggested techniques to reawaken and restore them.

Having hosted and incorporated an overview of the classical SEVEN major Chakras from the Yoga texts, I’m excited to be sharing and teaching these exploratory Masterclasses introducing the TWELVE chakras of our increased consciousness.

In these sessions I provide an overview of the shifts and upgrades in energy following 2020, and my understanding of the new expanded Chakra System.

What’s the format of the Saturday Morning Masterclass?

As in all of my previous Chakra Masterclasses the session includes a combination of flowing movements (postures/sequences), mudras, mantras, meditations and a deeply restorative 30 minute guided relaxation for integration.

Recordings are provided as unlimited use YouTube links, so you can build your own YouTube “Chakra-replay library” to top up, refresh and review sessions whenever you need.

Click here to purchase the YouTube 12 Chakra Masterclass replay link.

This masterclass is suitable for those who already have a regular spiritual practice, in Yoga, Meditation or energy/consciousness expansion, as well as an understanding of the 7 Major Chakras.


£25 to attend the live class, including unlimited YouTube replay link.
£12.50 to attend the live session only.
It’s also possible to purchase the Playback link after the session.
Donations are also welcome, please message me to enquire.

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About me/my classes:
My online classes are for soul-aligned Yogis, from beginner level to regularly practising. I draw on 20 years of practising and 14 years teaching Yoga in Brighton and Hove, and have designed my online programs to help you renew your energy, expand your subtle energies and consciousness as well as build resilience and strong roots that ground you during this incredible time.