Reiki Attunements, and Healing Sessions

I’ve been a Teacher of Yoga, Energy Systems and Reiki since 2007. I received my Usui-lineage Reiki I in January 2006, Reiki II in January 2007, and Master Level III in September 2007 – all in person, with my Reiki Master/Teacher, Nerissa Tong. I have been a practising Reiki Therapist since 2007 and am committed to my own self-healing, also sharing Reiki energy with animals, on plants, food, and via Distance Reiki Healing.

My interest in holistic therapies began in 2005 when I first visited India and then went on to study more about Yoga, Reiki and the Bach Flower Remedies, which I also use in my practices. I work with energy on a daily basis; cleansing and recharging my energy systems (Chakras) through Reiki, intention, and my Yoga Practice/Meditation.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle hands-on (or held slightly above the body) holistic healing system for balancing and harmonising the mind, body and soul. “Rei” (pronounced Ray) translates as wisdom/knowledge, and “Ki” (pronounced kee) translates as life-force energy. Reiki healing was developed by a Japanese Buddhist priest called Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926), and has been used in the West since the 1930’s.

There’s never been a greater time to learn Reiki and to become a practitioner, and/or a Teacher of Reiki.

In 2012 a huge planetary energy shift began, and the Earth up-levelled. This ‘consciousness awakening’ is leading us back to our roots, to honour the sacred connection, and bring more harmony and light to Earth.

We each have a Divine aspect within us and Reiki helps to open this up, awakening and healing the deeply hidden knowledge that the Soul already knows is true, but which has been forgotten, pushed down, over-written and denied.

Learn Reiki I

I’m delivering a Reiki I Attunement and training program in both a one-on-one training setting (duration, approx 3.5-4 hours), as well as group workshops (the next group workshop date is Saturday 7.3.20, 12 noon till 4pm). In the Reiki I Attunement sessions I share 12 years experience in working with Reiki and the energy systems, and provide the participant with the necessary knowledge, know-how and techniques to launch their own journey as a Reiki Healer.

The program includes:

  • A guided exploration of Reiki, its history and the Reiki lineage;
  • An overview, definition, discussion and sharing of our understanding about working with Energy;
  • Demonstration of the traditional Reiki hand positioning, covering touch issues;
  • Training and preparation for giving Reiki treatments;
  • Healing Meditations;
  • Receiving the FOUR attunements of Reiki I;
  • Time working 1:1 with Reiki (or in group, maximum four persons) to feel this newly released energy;
  • Reiki ethics and techniques;
  • A 45 page PDF manual for your reference and continued learning;
  • Reiki I Certification.
  • Teas, coffee and light snacks.
  • Who is Reiki I Attunement suitable for

    You may currently be working as a Therapist and wishing to add another string to your bow, or you may be drawn to Reiki for your own self healing, and to develop your spiritual practice. Perhaps you have experienced a Reiki treatment and feel inspired now to learn this life-skill for yourself, and to also share with others. Some of you may be feeling very drawn to become a Reiki Therapist and a Teacher, advancing to Reiki II and III levels.

    The key requirement is that you feel ready and strong on an emotional and spiritual level, as well as that you have the time and energy to dedicate to this healing modality at this time. A deep personal healing will take place, and a detoxification will occur over 21 days after the Attunement so it is important that you feel ready and able to make the commitment to yourself and to the Reiki process.

    In the first instance you may be curious to experience this powerful healing modality – so why not book an energy re-balancing session with me? I work intuitively, channelling this life force energy to your body, for the healing and re-balancing that it needs. The session duration is one hour, and sessions are held in a central Brighton/Hove therapy room.

    Click here to ask me more and/or to book a Reiki Healing session