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There are various ways to work with me, and in these times, it’s about RESONANCE…you’ll just know who you want to work with, so if my offerings are stirring something in you, let’s chat!

Get inspired and intentional in my membership area (the Recharge Portal) with a selection of movement, mindset, Soul expansion and vitality-boosting live/on-demand digital content, join my online meditative movement & relaxation classes, relax with a Reiki healing treatment, or upgrade and transform your life in my fully integrated 1:1 bespoke coaching programs/ascension mentoring. Perhaps you 'd like to retreat with me to the Greek Island of Kefalonia, and if you’re local to Brighton and Hove, ask me about my Beach Yoga Circles on Hove Lawns, a transformative space for your wellbeing and healing.


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You can also schedule a chat here and discuss one of my programs/offerings. 

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