Yoga & Meditation

The flowing and accessible style of yoga that I teach (a combination of classical Hatha, in the Sivananda form, and graceful, flowing Dru Yoga) lends itself perfectly to all ages and abilities, naturally encouraging a positive shift in perspective and outlook, with an enriched sense of inner peace and harmony.

Whether you're an experienced yogi or a complete beginner join me in my recharge membership for monthly inspiration in your practice, an online holistic hub to support your soulful living with monthly 'live' sessions and on-demand nourishing yoga & relaxation classes, mini movement videos for flexibility, strength & body conditioning, breathing techniques, guided relaxation meditations, and more.

To receive invitations and become part of the blissful Beach Yoga Circle Comm-Unity head to my Contact me page to add your details.

If you’re looking for scheduling of my online/live, in person and group sessions it’s the Booking page you’ll need.

Yoga & Meditation with Sarah of Karmiyoga

Would you like to:

  • Recharge your energy, your day, your life, and hone simple ways to naturally, and powerfully do so?
  • Tune into and gain awareness of your subtle energies and how to work with them to positively enhance your health & wellbeing?
  • Build emotional resilience, inner peace, flexibility and strength?

Take a moment, right here, right now to balance your energies in my 13-minute guided relaxation.

janu sirsasana at home

Online & on-demand Yoga

Roll out your yoga mat at home and settle back into my highly restorative and rejuvenating online Yoga & Meditation sessions which run on the FIRST Friday of each month at lunchtime (12.30-13.30 UK). These classes will help you return to centre, ease and flow without even having to go anywhere. You can drop into these classes independently, and they are inclusive of my membership alongside the nourishing and uplifting on-demand content. There's a special offer on my membership right now, so click the button below to explore - or simply head to my booking page for a drop in slot at my monthly Friday lunchtime classes.

Beach Yoga / Bespoke & Hen Yoga

Hove Seafront on dry, sunny days is the perfect location to flow through a session of Outdoor Yoga, breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the seaside ambiance. Join my Beach Yoga Circles (Spring to Autumn) or enjoy a 1:1 session (tailored to your requirements eg boost wellbeing, increase fitness/flexibility) - ideal for individuals, as well as celebratory groups such as Hen parties and for Corporate wellbeing events. Contact me with your dates & details for a bespoke Yoga event, and message me for the scheduling of my Beach Yoga Circles.

thur eve circle
Corporate Yoga programs with Sarah of Karmiyoga

Bespoke & Corporate Yoga

Allow me to deliver a bespoke, tailor-made Corporate Yoga package or employee wellness session to:

  • CONNECT colleagues working remotely and in the office;
  • OBSERVE and ENJOY a positive shift in mindset, productivity and motivation;
  • INSPIRE your teams to lead happy, balanced and healthy lives.
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