Yoga & Meditation

For the past 15 years I’ve been supporting soul-centred Yogis with nourishing and restorative Yoga & Meditation, encouraging a deep a sense of grace, harmony and alignment, both on and off the mat.

The flowing and accessible style of Yoga that I teach lends itself perfectly to all ages and abilities, and is a great antidote to stress, not least by naturally encouraging a positive shift in perspective and outlook.  My in-person, private group sessions and online classes are enjoyable, safe, concise and suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.

Yoga & Meditation with Karmiyoga

Are you ready to:

  • Tune into and gain awareness of the subtle energies and how to work with them to positively impact your health & wellbeing?
  • Become more conscious of the connection between movement, mindset and breath, exploring ways to naturally and powerfully rebalance your energy and mood?
  • Build emotional and physical resilience, flexibility and strength?
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Online sessions and programs

Roll out your yoga mat at home and settle back into my highly restorative and rejuvenating online and on-demand Yoga & Meditation sessions and Masterclasses which will help you return to centre, ease and flow - without even having to go anywhere. Book a live class or purchase an unlimited-use class replay.

Corporate Yoga & Bespoke Yoga With Sarah of Karmiyoga

Corporate Yoga

The gentle and transformative form of Yoga that I teach lends itself perfectly for the Corporate and working environment, helping to relieve stress, improve mind-set and creative energy, boost focus and productivity, and relieve back pain and postural issues from being desk or device-bound.

I've successfully delivered wellbeing programs and sessions to blue-chip companies, charities and local businesses from Barnados to Boots and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Allow me to create a bespoke, tailored Corporate Yoga package or event for you. Click below to learn more.

Yoga on the Lawns

Hove Seafront on dry, sunny days is the perfect location to flow through a session of Outdoor Yoga, breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the seaside ambiance. I offer private 1:1 sessions tailored to your requirements eg boost wellbeing, increase fitness/flexibility, or simply to harmonise the bodies' energies. The private sessions are available for groups of up to four people, all inclusive. Head to my Booking page to schedule your personal or group session, or email me with your dates and details and we'll arrange it all online.

Outdoor Yoga on Hove Lawns with Karmiyoga


Subscribe to the Karmiyoga Membership for monthly access to on-demand movement and meditation sessions, and replays from my live classes and masterclasses.

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