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  • Attend a Soul Soothing Yoga session;
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  • Why do yoga?

    So many reasons:  To tone the body, stretch, strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve postural alignment, reduce stress, feel more relaxed, slow down ageing and experience the natural ‘high’ that occurs during and after practice. There’s no right or wrong reason, so just come, dive in, have fun, and may an amazing journey begin…

    Why it’s so good for you

    eagle in the city sarahYoga is an ancient, tried and tested method which can be practised by everyone, regardless of cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs. All the major systems of the body benefit from regular yoga practice, stretching and mobiliising the spine helps keep the back and nervous system healthy, muscles become supple, digestion and circulation improve, and a wonderful feeling of all-round wellness occurs as the nerves and emotions are balanced and you feel “centred”.

    Regular practice encourages the ability and opportunity to slow down, to experience gratitude and a long-lasting, transformational and positive effect on health and wellbeing. The more you practice, the more you want to have more of the positive, can-do, calmly capable, and amazing affects that yoga can help bring into everyday life.

    Book a Holistic 1:1 program, a Yoga session or Yoga course as a Christmas gift for someone your love, or ask your friends/family to give YOU the gift of Yoga! Karmiyoga gift cards are available to purchase up to 24 December.


    “Sarah is an inspired teacher who really knows her stuff… Her book – Everyday Yoga, The Essential Guide – is an invaluable resource for the busy person’s bookshelf, providing easy-to-follow yoga practices and relaxation techniques for both the beginner and more experienced yogi”. Lynda Field, author and life coach.


    “A perfect mix of classic yoga poses and energy work. This is yoga as it’s meant to be: relaxing, gentle, respectful of both body and soul, and the start of an incredible personal journey”. Penny Loosemoore, editor of Brighton Healthy Magazine, and former Evening Standard Journalist.